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College of Engineering



The college offers eight graduate institutes the graduate institutes of Civil & Disaster Prevention Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Organic & Polymeric Materials, Environmental Engineering & Management, Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Technology and Mineral Resources Engineering. Undergraduate programs consist of the departments of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, Materials & Mineral Resources Engineering, and Molecular Science & Engineering. The total numbers of full-time faculty is 104. The eight institutes within the college have full-time and part-time master programs and doctoral program with a total of 1,097 students, 180 doctoral students were enrolled in academic year of 2015. The four departments in undergraduate programs offer 4-year program having a total of 1,634 students. In addition, the four departments in undergraduate programs also have 2-year evening programs (with 117 students).

To meet the demands of our teaching and research needs, there are complete instruments and facilities in each department within the college to provide students with adequate training and academic research needs. For the education aspects, this college cultivates practical, hardworking, vigorous, and worldview specialists continually to meet the demand for economic construction and industrial development of our country in the future. In the academic research, this college has built on a great foundation and continually elevates the level of research and to enhance the interaction of academic communities internationally. For the industrial service area, this college enhances cooperation between schools and industries continually and to fulfill engineering education and research achievements. In order to develop more advanced academic research, this college cooperates with other research institutes regularly, thrives to engage in technological developments for related significant infrastructures in our country, and heads to become first-class academic research institute.



  1. To carry on an excellent traditions of integrity, simplicity, professionalism, diligence. In addition, to cultivate advanced specialists with both theoretical and practical skills in civil and disaster prevention engineering, material and mineral resources engineering, organic polymeric engineering, chemical engineering, environmental planning and management and biochemical and biomedical engineering areas.
  2. To develop unique characteristics of our departments and institutes and cooperate closely with industries through technological interaction to develop engineering specialists and new products, as well as to cultivate students with international aspects in engineering area.
  3. To cooperate the sustainable development policy of our country and foresightedly develop unique characteristic at different areas of research.  Furthermore, to integrate the world trend into our education to produce constructive specialists with environmental morals, wisdom and virtue to meet the national construction needs.
  4. To emphasize both humane science and technology and to improve student’s computer and language skills to generate professionals with good ethics. 
  5. To apply academic research and technological developments to elevate the level of engineering technology of our country.